Danish Muay Thai Federation

Sor. Rachan

We are located in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen at Tycho Brahés Allé 37.
We have over 16 years experience in the MuayThai game. We have given good health to the people and develop some of the finest MuayThai fighters in Danish history.
Everyone is welcome in our club!
Sor. Rachan, was officially opened in 1998. At that time, the club was driven by former President: Rene Laursen, Frank Pathung and John Pedersen. With only a short time in buisness, the club made its first professional fighters. And became well known in Denmark and Northeurope.
Today, Sor. Rachan is driven by a group of dadecated people. The club has about 100 students, and a group of 15 active fighters. The club is still one of the best in Denmark, and has big ambitions to build up new professionel fighters in the future.

Come and visit us any day of the week.
Check out more info and training schedule at http://www.sorrachan.eu

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